I tweeted this last night but thought it deserved a post for anyone who missed it.

Some of this I find a little bit fluffy but It’s definitely interesting and I must say I agree with the basic principles. Another great TED talk to get you thinking on a Wednesday morning!


Camilla Akrans_1Camilla Akrans_2Camilla Akrans_3

I thought I’d “pinned this” the other day, however I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to understand what Pintrest actually is before I go around using that term because nothing seems to have happened and I haven’t got a clue how to use it!

Anyway! Back to the point… I saw these photos a while ago on creative resource Aisle One, but completely forgot to share.

Camilla Akrans is a photographer who creates the most stunning imagery for labels such as Chloé, Missoni and Loewe. I instantly fell in love with her work and her distinct, captivating style. Every photo has the most beautiful composition, colour palette and seems to draw you in to the story without feeling like it’s all too set up or contrived.

If you like what you see, head over to Lund Lund which showcases more of her work.

Cheers Then!

Johnny CupcakesJohnny Cupcakes 2

Ok… so from insulin regulation and Paleo preaching, to cupcake appreciation. Hmmm…. I’m not sure the two go together….

BUT IT’S OK! – despite the name, this guy is not all about the cake!

I’d never heard of Johnny Cupcakes until today, but I looked into it and discovered the inspirational story behind the brand. Johnny Cupcakes was started up by a college dropout who stuck to his morals and worked hard to ethically grow what is now a multi-million dollar business.

Johnny Cupcakes offers up exclusive apparel which is created from really listening to customers. Once a design is sold out, it won’t ever be produced again which means there is constant creativity being baked up! The brand is all about attention to detail, using the best quality products and even chucking in little extras such as toys, sweets or trading cards into orders just to make people smile!

I thought this was just so nice I had to share!
Read the full story here…



I’ve recently taken a great interest in paleo/primal living, using my spare time to try to understand some of the basic science behind it all. I was shown this the other day and thought it was absolutely brilliant and such a beautifully simple way of communicating the subject to a wider, less “sciency” audience.

Created by the  infographic pros at Column Five, it is a graphical representation of the effects carbohydrates are having on us, busting some of the most common misconceptions we have about fat.

With the information sourced from Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It by Gary Taubes, not only does it provide a scientific understanding of the matter, but it’s generally a really beautiful piece of design!

Cheers Then!


The Kraken

















I believe I tweeted the video for The Kraken not so long ago, however I saw the packaging again in Sainsbury’s the other day and I had to stop for a bit to admire it….I then bought it…..

…And not because I particularly like rum…..

Because I really don’t.

This packaging has got to be by far one of my favourites out there at the moment. It is designed by Stranger & Stranger who are an amazing company that specialise in packaging and branding of alcoholic drinks. They’ve got a really distinct style and some stunning work on their website which I highly recommend that you take a look at because it’s inspirational.

Cheers Then.

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